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Do something good for humanity!

About Us

This collection consists of 10`000 different NFT`s, each NFT is unique. With this collection we want to draw attention to global water shortage. Not everyone has access to clean and fresh drinking water.

You as a buyer can collect and exchange our NFTs and become a donor for drinking water at the same time. With every sold NFT a certain amount of Water will be donated to people in need.

There are 4 body types, every type symbolizes a container which is often to be found in countries with drinking water shortage.

Let's make the world a better place and help each other. Everyone should have access to fresh drinking water.

Your Cardano-Water Team

Our collection

Those are a few examples of artwork we have created for you!


We’re still working on the minting process, therefore we can’t give you definite stage prices right now

How It Works

How to buy our NFTs

  • Time & Date

    You will be informed on Twitter and Discord about the time when our NFTs will be released.

  • Purchase

    On the desired time a “Buy-Button” will appear in the top navigation bar.

  • Place the order

    When you press the buy button the current stage will be shown, and you need to confirm your order to reserve your NFT.

  • Finalizing the order

    Copy the address or scan the QR code and send the exact amount of ADA as shown on your order. You will receive your NFT shortly!


What we have accomplished so far and what is planned for the future.

The first idea:

We have followed the Cardano - NFT space from the beginning. After several participations in various projects, we realized that many projects do not have a real-life goal and we decided to change this.

Since we already support charitable work privately, we wanted to encourage people to do something good within the Cardano - Space.

Our idea was born, we wanted to provide clean drinking water to people in need.

The execution:

In the third quarter of 2021 we created our Twitter account and a Discord server.

Our designer team creates the designs of our NFTs, and we develop our website.

We wrote to various water organizations and set out to find a water organization that, first and foremost, would certainly put the donated money to good use as well as accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

The path to the public:

Our designs were ready, and our website is online we started to make people aware of our project.

Finally, the time has come, and we can announce that automatically per sold NFT 5‘000 - 10‘000 liters of water will be donated to those in need. This will be assured by the water organization CharityWater Website / Twitter.

With this donation many families and to some extent whole villages can be supported.

Once the first collection has been sold, we will publish a detailed rarity chart.

Future plans:

Our goal is to continue to grow our project after a significant amount of our revenue goes directly to Charitywater (Website / Twitter) and the marketing of our project / brand. We will use our reach to draw more attention to the water shortage. Special events / collaborations with other popular projects (within and outside of the Cardano-NFT-Space) are being planned.

Mobile Application:

Together with our designer and developer team, we are developing a mobile game which also draws attention to the problems of water scarcity in a playful way. 

Our NFT collection will take different roles in this game.  The NFTs will be integrated into the game and serve as skins. The base versions of our NFTs will be available for all players.

The main goal is to create a multiplayer game, the outcome might be similar to big successful games like CoC / Ludoking / FunRun.

Platform: iOS / Android

Coming Soon


With every NFT sold you're helping people on this world, here is an overview of how many liters have been donated until now.

Liter Counter



Frequently asked questions

Rarity Chart ?
No Cardano-Water NFT characters are identical twins, are all unique. Rarity will be based on several traits and their commonness within Cardano-Water. You will be able to check out all attributes on TokenRef or CNFT Tools. We have not released a rarity ‘chart’ system until now.
After the first drop has been released, a rarity chart will follow soon.
How did you create 10,000 Cardano-Water NFTs ?
Where good ideas and art meets math. These traits have been randomized with an algorithm created by our team.
How can I see my NFT once purchased ?
The easiest way is to search your address in pool.pm. Just use the magnifying glass on the top right and paste in your receiving address to see what you’ve minted.
Can I make a suggestion or leave feedback?
Yes, please send us a direct message on Twitter. This is the easiest form of reaching out to us.
Otherwise we’re also very active in our discord, feel free to join us!
How many NFTs will your team keep ?
Our team will participate in the drop just like everyone else. This ensures absolute fairness in the case of high demand and means that what we receive a random character in terms of rarity. We will limit our personal collections to a maximum of 30 NFTs. There will be a maximum of 10 characters minted for promotional purposes.

Policy ID

Coming soon